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Hours of operation: Saturday and Sunday 10am-5pm May 2nd through September


General Paintball rules:

  • A player is out if they have a clean break or splatter roughly quarter sized. This can be on your person or anything you are carrying (ex: your marker)
  • Players are also responsible for field safety. If you see anything that is unsafe during a game LET EVERYONE KNOW. Feel free to correct other players not being safe.
  • If a player is within 10’ of another player and has a clear line of fire they SHOULD yell “point blank” this lets the other player know they are out. (you can shoot them, but remember what they say about payback)If you do shoot someone up close try to aim for a well padded area.
  • Players must stay within established boundaries.
  • When a player is out they must yell “out”,  raise their marker above their head, and proceed to the nearest Field sideline. (Failure to do this could result in a player being hit repeatedly by other players who don't recognize you as being out)
  • If a player is uncertain if they are actually hit or not they may call a paint check. The nearest ref will inspect the player for paint. During this time that player is frozen and hits will not count. Paint checks may be called on another player.(A easy way to do this yourself is to pat the area you cannot see. if it's wet, you're out.)
  • Blind firing around a barricade is not allowed. If you cannot see your target you shouldn't pull the trigger.This also applies to looking through holes in a barricade. you must be sighting down the marker.
  • Intentionally shooting a player who are not playing isNOT ALLOWED. Accidents do happen, but, bonus balls are not fun.
  • Watch the language please. Not everyone swears.
  • Game play is controlled by the refs. What a ref says is law. If you have a question about a ruling, please speak to the ref after the game, preferably in the staging area.

Specific game rules:
These will depend largely upon what the players want and the style of Paintball being played. We have several different games that can be played such as: Elimination, capture the flag, center flag, speedball, assassins (Great for smaller groups), Othello, and more! The great thing about paintball is its versatility. If you can think of it, we can probably make it work.