Where we are located:

If you are coming from Kenai/Soldotnayou want to head towards Kasilof along K-Beach drive. At mile 14 start watching on your lefthand side, we're just past the corner where Cannery Rd is. Directly across from the fire station just before the Albatross is a road called Helmsman. Compass Rd and our field are accessed from this road.

If you are coming from the Kasilof junction at mile 13 you want to watch the road on your right hand side. Once you pass the Albatross we will be the first marked road (Helmsman) on the right hand side that you come across. Helmsman is straight across from the fire station.

Our Field has the following amenities for your use!

  • 3000lb HPA push button system.
  • Covered pavilions.
  • Picnic Tables.
  • Knowledgeable and friendly Staff.
  • Restroom.
  • Propane and charcoal (you provide the charcoal) grill.
  • Portable water sprays for cleaning gear.

We highly recommend:

  • Players wear semi loose fitting clothes that covers your arms and legs (the color yellow is reseverd for our refs).
  • A set of clothes to change into when playing or leaving (keeps your car nice).
  • Shoes or boots that provide ankle support and have good tread.
  • Bringing something to drink. Unfortunately we don't have running water yet.
  • if your a minor a filled out waiver form if your being dropped off.
  • Players must be 10 years of age or older to play.

It is our goal to provide people with the chance to play paintball, in a safe and professional atmosphere, at an affordable price. We strive to provide an exemplar experience by constantly changing and improving the field, equipment, and most importantly we listen to our clientele. As we are providing an entirely new experience to a lot of people, we want to ensure they have the opportunity to experience Paintball to the fullest and come back for more. Our staff is all experienced Paintball players that love the game! This isn’t just a job for us, it’s fun.

Wanna see some pictures of paintball throughout the years? click here

Call us @ 252-9855


Hours of operation: Saturday and Sunday 10am-5pm May 2nd through September

​WE'RE FINALLY OPEN on the first weekend of June!!! ​Completely redesigned the field for a longball game, 3 forts, and completely new feel! Remember we're only open on the weekends unless it's for a special event. Feel free to come on out and tell us what you think of some of our upgrades. Look forward to seeing you out on the sand.

Business Hours: 

  • ​​SATURDAY AND SUNDAY (Except by special appointment) 10am till 5PM
  • ​PLEASE NOTE:​     It takes a group of new players about an hour to get settled in, go through the briefing, get the gear ready ect. Therefore we will not accept reservations past 1pm. This allows us the proper amount of time to get things going and ensure you have a good time. If your circumstances require something different please call us or come visit us directly and we'll see how we can help you. It never hurts to ask. thank you for your understanding.